Irma Jean

She is vulnerable.  She is strong.  She is fiercely loyal.  She is a wanderer, with a love of the comforts of home.  She wears her heart on her sleeve.  Her eyes sparkle with curiosity and knowledge of life that she's lived, and you can't help but be excited when you see her.  She welcomes you with an embrace and leaves you feeling loved and inspired.  She is beautiful, but not because her face says so.  Because her heart does.  Her transparent authenticity is stunning, but she has a mysterious aire about her.  Her confidence is admirable, but not as much as her humility and grace.  She seems to float through this life with ease, although you can see her pain and brokenness along with the sparkle in her eyes.  She's a survivor.  She is the big sister who loves you enough to tell you when you're wrong, but respects you enough to keep your secrets.  Her hair is always perfectly disheveled, her clothes a beautiful mess.  She drinks her coffee black out of her favorite mug, and enjoys all things old and antique.  She delights in imperfection.  She is adaptable and easy going, but intense in the way you feel her presence.  She is sincere and eccentric.  She is someone to be admired, someone we strive to be.  She is like no other.  She is Irma Jean.