Meet Jody

Hey!  I'm Jody.  Mama. Wife. Sister. Daughter. Friend. Athlete. Creative.  I'm a homebody with crazy ideas and incurable wanderlust. My resume is eclectic. I'm always up for a spontaneous tattoo, and am a pretty big fan of red wine.  I love road trips. My friends are so important to me.  Most days you can find me at the gym or doing yoga, when I'm not driving carpool for my kids.  I find myself running pretty regularly for someone who doesn't really enjoy it, and I apparently swear like a sailor.  Everyday I'm in my garden at some point.  I'm most passionate about my family.  I just need to know that they're all ok, and then I'm ok because of that.  I'm raising 5 of the most incredible humans I know, and just watching them become who they are inspires me daily.  Music is therapy.  I serve my little world by taking care of those I love.  Just let me FEED you and give you hugs!  Irma Jean is my love child.  My muse.  She allows me to nurture my creative soul, and reminds me that things aren't really so serious.  I'm enjoying the journey, and never really intend on getting to any set destination.